Dr. Rea’s Furniture

Dr. Rea requested us to make some custom furniture for his residence. He was very specific about wanting the furniture to be “safe” – solid wood, chemical free, American White Oak Hardwoods, no VOC’s finishes and no Formaldehyde in the finish, glues, or woods. His wife wanted healthy chemical free furniture for herself and her grandchildren to be around. But durable enough for 3 triplets – all boys! And pretty enough to be their living room furniture.

Challenge: Mrs. Rea recently had new cushions made for her existing furniture, couch, chair, rocking chair.

Solution: We measured the futon style cushions she already had and designed new furniture to fit these sizes. With her giving us input on design and color choices.

Challenge 2: Mrs. Rea wanted her coffee table and side table to match her new couch, chair, and rocker in style, proportion, design, but also incorporate marble inserts for tops.

Solution: The cabinetmakers designed the coffee table and side tables to go along with the couch and chairs, and provided for the inset marble tops.

Our chemical free, safe furniture is chosen by the most well known doctor in the environmental medicine field. Dr. Rea for his own home.

While delivering the new custom furniture to Dr. Rea’s home, Charles captured this picture of Dr. Rea’s 3 grand babies enjoying their new furniture.

Dr. Rea is a well known environmental doctor in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Rea recommends HealthyCabinetmakers.com to all of his patients for living room furniture, bedroom furniture, kitchen cabinetry, and all furnishings made of solid wood.

Dr. Rea has made many purchases for his clinic – The Environmental Health Center – Dallas, Texas. His foundation – American Environmental Health Foundation and his personal residence. HealthyCabinetmakers.com has provided waiting room chairs, waiting room benches, testing facilities chairs, office chairs, nurses station chairs, furniture for the patient’s condos.